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Getting started is easy. Schedule your complimentary consultation to see if Golden Gardens Coaching is right for you.


Meet Your Coach


Tyson is Seattle Coach Certified as well as certified by the International Coaching Federation. She is a credentialed teacher and worked over ten years assisting people in crisis at crime scenes and in hospitals. 


Tyson specializes in coaching tech workers to write better, connecting their ideas to their communication. She also coaches professionals and college students as they build their careers, and helps them navigate their professional life during times of loss, grief, and change. 


Golden Gardens Coaching offers general and specialized professional coaching 

Balancing Rocks

General + Specialized

Tyson helps navigate change and gets creative about your future as your coach. Specifically, she also offers career, confidence, and grief coaching. Tyson helps you use your strengths to move through loss and suffering.


Writing Workshop for Tech

Are you having trouble communicating clearly in emails? Is writing documents slowing you down and keeping you from coding? Wordwell workshop makes you an expert at what and how to write for the tech industry. 



Hiring a Veterinary Coach can take your practice to the next level. From your receptionists to executive staff, Tyson works with your whole team as to take your clinic from good to great. 

Success Stories

"Tyson introduced us to the value of having a coach for our clinic and for our individual employees. She helped us grasp the perfect amount of tension we all want at work to create excitement, connection, variety, and autonomy without having boredom, drama, fatigue, or exhaustion."

~Kari M Johnson, DVM Medical Director
Juanita Bay Veterinary Hospital/Lakefield Veterinary Group
October 2022

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