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​I look forward to being your coach through your biggest successes and working through challenges.


Since 2008 I have been caring for those in crisis and in the hospital. I also am a 2017 graduate from the Police and Fire Chaplains Training Academy. I am currently a Seattle Community Chaplain. 

When I'm not gardening, I enjoy easy runs, home improvement projects, and camping in my retro Airstream with my family and dog Lunchbox. 

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Golden Gardens Coaching is based in Seattle, WA. 

Clients can attend sessions either in person (COVID Safe) or via video conference. 

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Golden Gardens Coaching 

Seattle, WA


The Wordwell Writing Workshop helped me a lot. Tyson focuses on practices that are clear and easy to incorporate in day-to-day writing. That allowed me to start using them just after a couple of sessions. And I quickly saw the results: it was easier for me to put my thoughts on paper and my peers noticed my documents became clearer. Furthermore, the workshop helped me not only with my document writing but also with my verbal communication.

~Michael C. Senior Software Engineer, Amazon Video


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