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Wordwell Workshop

Wordwell Workshop: Writing for the Tech Industry

Did you snooze your way through English class in school because you were going to be [insert technical career here]? That was before you knew writing was key to success in the tech industry. You know how tedious it can be to read a poorly written document. If you feel misunderstood and overwhelmed by writing, this workshop is the boot camp for you and/or your team. The workshop can be one-on-one or in small groups. 

Cost: $1999

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Typewriter Keys

In each workshop, we break down the writing process into "how to write" and "what to write". ​

We cover many writing topics in six, 90-minute sessions to make to a speedy writing expert.

How to Write

Session 1: Writing without fear, front-loading, and writing short so you respect the reader's time.

Session 2: Ditching passive voice, jargon, and weasel words so you improve your credibility.

Session 3: Being direct, using numbers well, and revealing structure so you stay focused on the topic.

What to Write

Session 4: Plan for your writing with an outline and checklist so you are crisp in your thinking.

Session 5: Writing with peer edits and instructor coaching so you get direct feedback.

Session 6: Practice a humble edit and staying on target using your writing so you make progress as a better writer.

Learning Objectives

  • Improve your professional communication

  • Improve your writing

  • Increase your writing speed

  • Organize your thinking

  • Increase your confidence

  • Capitalize on your writing experiences 


  • Engaging and fun online or in-person curriculum 

  • Focus on tips, tricks, best practice, and pitfalls to avoid, rather than grammar

  • Guided practice, practice, practice

  • One-on-one coaching 

  • Fun group writing exercises 

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