Coaching gives you time to reflect and develop your talents and specific goals. It's an investment in increasing your performance and moving towards goals.

Wordwell Writing Workshop

The Wordwell Workshop is designed to enhance writing, credibility, and communication skills.

Grief Coaching

How can grief coaching help?

Grief coaching offers a path through a divorce, an illness, job loss, or the death of a loved one. It can help answer the question, "What's Next?"

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​​Tyson can help navigate change, get creative about the future or, help resolve conflict individually or as a group.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has exposed individuals and businesses to extreme anxiety. You've got it in you to bend, and not break during this crisis. 

Tyson is "Seattle Coach Certified" and offers coaching packages. Please contact her for rates and details. 

Common Coaching Topics


Working With Grief 

Grief coaching is all about hope. Tyson can help you use your strengths to move through loss and suffering. 

As a fire/police and hospital chaplain, Tyson has served people in crisis since 2008. She is certified in assisting Individuals in Crisis and graduated from the Police and Fire Chaplains Training Academy.

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